For me, Patterns are a living language., communicating attitudes, feelings and connections.  Not unlike people, they are a true reflection of world culture -- its history, rituals,.  Its style. Outside of their own individual voice, the patterns I've created engender a new dialogue through their juxtaposition to one another, and it's through these pairings that I discover fresh relationships of pattern-language and beauty.  I have included twenty-four designs on this website and have over a thousand more.  

My rapport with pattern began during my travels as a young man.  I found that I consistently gravitated toward certain designs, and discovered that I was unceasingly inspired by my quintessential nomadic accoutrement at home: the rug -- as well as yards of fabrics that i'd bought from various cities.  As time passed, my engagement with fabrics deepened.  My appreciation for color and shape became more developed, and ultimately lead me to begin to create designs of my own at home, which I do to this day.  


David Kent Hearn

Daytona Beach, Florida, 2017

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